CEP Timing is your full-service race timer.  We offer much more that timing services.  Take a look at the services we have to offer.  Let our experience help your event run smoothly.

  1. Disposable and Reusable Timing Chips
    • MYLAPS BIBTAG Disposable Chips
      These disposable chips are normally attached to the backs of bib numbers but can also be used for cycling events by being placed on the back of handlebar numbers. CEP Timing has timed literally 10s of thousands of cyclists using this method.
    • MYLAPS Multisport Disposable Chips
      These disposable chips are worn on the entrant’s ankle for any type of timed event such as triathlons as they are waterproof.
    • MYLAPS Multisport Reusable Chips
      These reusable chips are worn on the entrant’s ankle for any type of timed event such as triathlons as they are waterproof. Of course, they are used most often for small runs but can be used for cycling events as well.The MyLaps Multisport Reusable chips MUST be returned at the finish area of the event or the entrant who was issued that chip is responsible for the replacement cost of the chip – $40.  If, for some reason, the reusable chips was mistakenly taken away from the event, it must be mailed back (VIA USPS) ASAP to:
      CEP Timing
      P.O.Box 30575
      Phoenix, AZ 85254If the chip is to be sent via DHL, FedEx, or any other delivery service – the address is:
      CEP Timing
      6720 E Sandra Terrace
  1. GunTime and ChipTime
    • GunTime – Total time from start signal
    • ChipTime – Time when chip passes start line (NetTime)
  2. Our association with MyLaps provides the ability for customized event registration and could offer event specific applications that would allow entrants to be tracked along the entire route.
  3. Finish Line Display Clock
  4. Finish Line Chute
  5. Continuous posting of results on-site as entrants finish
  6. Electronic results can be furnished to newspapers, etc.
  7. Complete event results posted to our website – – usually from the race site
  8. Assist with the planning of your event
  9. Paper or Computer assist with announcing finishers
  10. Additional equipment available
    • PA systems
    • 10 gal and 5 gallon coolers for water
    • mile markers
    • traffic cones
    • inflatable arch
  11. We have the equipment to time 6 timing points.  This allows us to time each transition and event for a triathlon or time split points along a marathon route
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